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Bravo Three Layer Leather and Stainless Steel Bracelet - get a FREE RING

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As bold as it gets.  Three strands of braided leather connected with a stunning stainless steel magnetic clasp.  The braids of leather are accented with stainless steel accents.

For every BRAVO bracelet purchased, get a free Silicone Wedding Ring. In the "Special instructions for seller", type FREE RING and put your ring color (Blue, Grey, or Green) and your ring size from 7 to 13. No discount code needed. This special runs through 5/31/2019.  If you forget to put FREE RING and color in the instruction box, email us before we ship.  We will not ship the free ring separately.

Look great while receiving the healing powers of the magnets.

How Will You Wear it?

Fits a wrist size up to 8 inches

Weighs 1.6 Ounces