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Shipping Rates and Calendar - 2018

The holiday season always comes at the same time every year  . . . TOO SOON!

No matter what, we are always caught off guard and are scrambling at the last minute.  And for those of us that have to ship gifts, that can add extra stress to the experience.

USPS - whatever it takes!


  • USPS First Class
    • Free on orders over $25
    • $4.25 on orders under $25
  • USPS Priority
    • Free on Orders over $50
    • $9.50 on Orders under $50
  • USPS Priority Express
    • All Orders - $30


Per the USPS, these are the holiday deadlines for expected delivery by December 24th.

  • FIRST CLASS USPS - Order by 20 Dec
  • PRIORITY SHIPPING - Order by 20 Dec
  • We ship from California!  Please take that into consideration - it takes less time from California to Arizona than from California to New York
  • Allow one business day for Prepping and Shipping - We ship on Saturdays too! We prep and ship orders we get by 11am PST.


  • NOTE:  USPS will be shipping BILLIONS of pieces of mail / parcels / packages during this time.
  • NOTE: 99.5% of our packages are delivered within a reasonable time and without issue.
  • NOTE:  Allow for the RUSH

PACKAGE TRACKING & DELIVERY:  We provide tracking codes so you can track your package en route.  If the tracking link you receive shows your package as delivered and you can't find it, please contact your carrier IMMEDIATELY.  Chances are it is close.  It can take us up to 10 days to get notification if we inquire . . . i can take you as little as a few hours.